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These SUPPLEMENTAL EVENT TERMS AND CONDITIONS (these “Terms”) shall govern your participation in the Erin Hills Golf Event to be held September 29-October1, 2023 (the “Event”) located at Erin Hills Golf Course, LLC (“Erin Hills”), 7169 County Road “O”, Hartford, Wisconsin 53027, and facilitated by Fore The Ladies, Inc. (the “Sponsor”). By accepting, you (the “Participant”) acknowledge and agree that your attendance and participation at the Event shall be subject to these Terms.


1.  Philosophy and Policies.

Copies of Erin Hills’ Philosophy and Policies, including Erin Hills’ General Policies and Pace of Play Policy (collectively the “Erin Hill Policies”) have been provided to Participant for review. Participant hereby acknowledges that she/he has reviewed the Erin Hill Policies and agrees to abide by the same. 

All Participants are expected to treat other Participants, guests and Erin Hills staff  with dignity and consideration at all times during the Event. All Participants must honor the philosophy and abide by all Erin Hills Policies. Erin Hills reserves the right to immediately terminate any and all privileges of any Participant who, as determined solely by Erin Hills, has failed to comply with any Erin Hills Policy or whom Erin Hills determines, in its sole discretion, fails to comport with the Erin Hills philosophy.   


2. Payments.

Full non-refundable payment is due at the time of registration. No refund of the payment shall be granted for any reason unless another golfer is able to fill the spot and pay in full for the Event by August 18, 2023.  


3.  Lodging.

Smoking at the Site is strictly prohibited, as required by Wisconsin state law.


Erin Hills has the right to charge the Sponsor for any damages, as well as the costs of collecting such damages (including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees), to the Site including, without limitation, the lodging facilities, caused by the Sponsor and/or any person associated with the Sponsor or the Event. 


Check In Time- 3:00 pm, Check Out Time- 10:00 am.


4. Golf.

No more than four golfers may play in a group.  Erin Hills reserves the right to add additional golfers to a group to complete a foursome, including individuals not associated with the Sponsor or the Event, in its sole discretion.


Each golfer must play with an individual set of golf clubs, which upon request, may be rented from Erin Hills for an additional fee.


The Participant acknowledges that Participant has reviewed Erin Hills’ Pace of Play policy and is aware that it it normally takes a group 4 hours and 59 minutes to complete 18 holes of golf. , In the event Participant or Participant’s group fails to abide by the Pace of Play policy, Erin Hills reserves the right to enforce the Pace of Play policy to ensure a quality experience for all guests on the golf course.


Erin Hills will not permit the use of pull or push carts, except that a person with a disability can request such a cart from Erin Hills and Erin Hills will provide a cart, subject to availability.


All caddies used during the Event, must be employees of Erin Hills.  Erin Hills caddies typically carry one golf bag for each of two golfers. The Participant acknowledges that the
Erin Hills caddie fee per golfer is $55.00 with a recommended gratuity of $75.00 per bag, per person.


5. Inclement Weather Policy.

Erin Hills will accept cancellations only if a Participant’s scheduled time to begin play occurs during inclement weather conditions which prohibit play, as determined by Erin Hills in its sole discretion.  Rain, by itself, may not constitute inclement weather according to Erin Hills or dictate the closing of the golf course.  


For holes not completed due to inclement weather, Erin Hills may issue rain checks to the Sponsor, and such rain checks will be pro-rated based on the number of holes not completed and can be used as a form of future payment for golfing at Erin Hills (including for individual caddie fees), subject to Erin Hills golfing reservation policies.  


Erin Hills will not give refunds nor accept rain checks as payment for retail items, lodging or food and beverage.


6. Food and Beverage.

Food or beverage items brought to Erin Hills may only be stored and consumed in Erin Hills’s lodging rooms, as required under Wisconsin state law that prohibits the consumption in any hospitality areas of any food or beverage item not purchased through a valid Wisconsin vendor.


Special accommodation requests such as dietary changes for food allergies must brought to the Sponsor’s attention prior to participation in the Event and will be handled through Erin Hills’s event coordinator. The Sponsor and Erin Hills make no representation or assurances that any dietary request or restriction can be met.


7.  Limit on Liability.

Erin Hills and the Sponsor are not liable for any negligent or willful act or failure to act by any Participant or third party. In addition, and without limitation, the Sponsor is not responsible for any injury, loss, death, inconvenience, or damage to person or property in connection with Participant’s participation at the Event. In any circumstances where liability cannot be excluded, the Sponsor’s liability is limited to the amount paid by Participant to attend the Event. PARTICIPANT SPECIFICALLY AGREES THAT THE SPONSOR IS NOT LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT, SPECIAL CONSEQUENTIAL OR PUNITIVE LOSS OR DAMAGE, REGARDLESS OF THE THEORY OR BASIS OF LIABILITY.

8. Indemnification.

Participant shall indemnify and hold harmless the Sponsor for any expense, injury, loss, claim, damages or judgment arising from or in connection with Participant’s participation at the Event (collectively, “Claims”) (including all attorneys’ fees incurred in connection with any Claims”) or caused in whole or in part by any action or omission of Participant.


9. Applicable Law.

These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Ohio, without resort to any conflict of law principles. Participant agrees that any action at law or in equity arising out of or relating to these Terms or the Event shall be filed and adjudicated only in the federal or state courts located in Lucas County, Toledo, and Participant hereby irrevocably and unconditionally consents and submits to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of such courts over any suit, action or proceedings arising out of Terms or Participant’s participation in the Event.

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