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Streamsong Resort Golf Getaway: Our Tips and Tricks for Ladies

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

November 19, 2021

We’re still coming off the major high from an epic weekend at Streamsong Resort for our second golf getaway, Hearts & Darts. Thirty-five women joined us for a weekend of golf, camaraderie, off-the-course activities and plenty more that we’ll cherish for years to come!

With that said, you now have 35 experts who are ready to give you tips and tricks for your trip to Streamsong. Check out some of our highlights below as well as the itinerary we used for this unforgettable weekend.


Arrivals Drinks and apps at The Gauntlet, the putting course at Streamsong Black Dinner (some of us went to Sotto Terra) followed by drinks at the rooftop bar, Fragmentary Blue


Play Streamsong Black Off-course activities: Archery, sporting clays and the spa Group dinner Drinks at Fragmentary Blue


Play Streamsong Red Departures

Sara H.

  • Caddies are essential! The courses are big with little to no direction from green to tees, lots of interesting lines off the tees (you want me to aim where?!), and big, fast, undulating greens. Needless to say, our caddies were essential to our weekend at Streamsong. Don't be shy about playing with one if you've never done it before! Drew and Coop, our caddies, were the highlight of the weekend.

  • Texas wedge ALL DAY! Get comfortable putting from off the greens, it's going to be your best move a lot of the time around the greens

  • Wear your best, most comfortable walking shoes - we averaged about 7.5 miles each day walking

  • The poolside bar makes a MEAN pina colada - ask for a floater for an extra kick

  • Bug spray if you are outside after dark, or just don't plan to be outside after dark! The mosquitos are no joke.

  • Give yourself a little extra time for the shuttles - plus some extra time at Red/Blue because they have to shuttle you to and from the range before your round.

Chelsea K.

  • Hangout on the porch of the Streamsong Black clubhouse to watch the sunset, the views are unreal!

  • Order the Shrimp & Lobster roll at the turn on Streamsong Black

  • Request Drew & Coop to be your caddies for your foursome, you will not be dissapointed

  • Order the Little Payne Creek lager at the 19th hole! Who doesn't love a local beer?!

Alexis L.