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OMG WE KNOW HER: fore the ladies finds, june edition

fore the ladies finds

volume 2, issue 6

“Rory (McIlroy) mentioned me on Instagram, and saying ‘get that trophy’ and I did.’ ” -Yuka Saso, after winning the U.S. Women’s Open

Hey hey,

So now you’re wondering … who in the world do we know?! We are going to take a moment to give ourselves a humble brag. FTL founder Abby was featured as one of nine influential voices in golf in this Golf Digest article by Daniel Rapaport. We figured it’s okay to take a moment to pat ourselves on the back, and overall, yay (!!) to being featured.

“I still get worried that people won’t show up, but I tend to be pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm, and women keep attending, so I’m not going to stop now.” We are here to stay, ladies.

Also, please give a warm welcome to our newest contributor, Kristen! Her style is impeccable and we know she’s a perfect addition to our team. If there’s something you aren’t seeing in the newsletter and want more of it, let us know! Email Abby at

june finds



I am embracing #hatgirlsummer and have upgraded my sun protection with this visor! It comes in a bunch of colors and is surprisingly sturdy for the price. -sara



I love this body sunscreen, especially for those first short/skort rounds of Spring and Summer. As someone who deals with dry skin during season changes, this is a great option to help lock in the moisture and protect from the sun. -kristen



Hot dogs and Nature Valley granola bars at the turn are "a tradition unlike any other.” If you're looking to change up your on course snacks and want some options that are a bit quirky then you have to try these! I've been liking the salty flavors of individually packaged pickles and olives on the go. -brooke