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  • Abby Liebenthal

Fore the Ladies Finds: Hi, Hello August

fore the ladies finds

volume 1, issue 2

"When you've worked hard, and done well, and walked through that doorway of opportunity, you do not slam it shut behind you. You reach back." —Michelle Obama

Hi friends,

Thanks for opening another Fore the Ladies Finds newsletter! Sara, Brooke and I are excited to bring you our latest treasures. In the world of Fore the Ladies events, we are still on pause but are hopeful to launch again in October - so keep an eye on your inbox and follow @foretheladies on Instagram for the latest.

This past weekend I was completely enthralled by the return to professional women’s golf with the LPGA Drive On Championship in Ohio. It reminded me how much I missed watching women competing on the grandest stages in golf and that I can’t take it for granted in the future. With that, I challenge each of you to tune in to women’s golf coverage - and for that matter - check out women’s sports coverage for a sport you already love. To help you find where you can catch women’s golf, we’ll be adding channels and times to the end of the newsletter.

As Beth Ann Nichols said in an article we feature later, “golf wins when women rise.”

-Abby, Fore the Ladies Founder

August Finds



Hips don't lie. Our girl Kaitlyn Pimental shared two hip opening exercises on her Instagram back in May while we were sitting around a lot at home - and what do you know - we're still working from home! However, these are perfect movements to gain flexibility, decrease lower back pain and increase disassociation in your golf swing. -Abby



Girls N' Golf is a Callaway Golf podcast by and for women. We’re all in on Lex and Sarah’s energy and this specific episode is with journalist Ron Sirak who has covered the game for more than 40 years (!). They chat about the LPGA’s exciting return and the challenges COVID brings to running a professional golf tournament. - Abby