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  • Abby Liebenthal

Fore the Ladies Finds: Goals and Events

fore the ladies finds

volume 2, issue 1

"There never was a time in my life when I wasn't trying to work on something. To me, that was the whole point. That's where the joy comes from, in identifying problems and then fixing them. I might very well be better at something next year than I am right now." -Mickey Wright

Hey all!

I spent the last two weeks doing a lot of what I did in 2020 and it. was. awesome. I watched Bridgerton (please make haste because I wish to be entertained!), bought all the things on Amazon and made ‘21 plans for FTL. We’ll slowly be reintroducing events safely in 2021, with our first in-person event in Dallas this February! We’ll be requesting that all attendees wear masks and we’ll have plenty of hand sanitizers + the works while keeping event sizes small.


Virtual Clinic with Five Iron Golf | January 13

Is one of your goals to pick up golf? Five Iron's co-founder and Director of Golf Mike Doyle will host a 1-hour interactive virtual clinic where attendees will be introduced to the game of golf: How it's played, terms you might hear on the course and basic fundamentals of the swing.

buy tickets: $15

Fore the Ladies Intro to Golf Clinic: Dallas! | February 21

4-6:30 pm local time| City Golf Club: We'll warm up with some bevs, snacks and light introductory instruction from PGA Professionals. They'll show you the basics of the game so you can decide if you'd like to continue your journey with golf!

buy tickets: $40

Thank you all for your continued support of the little golf community that could. Happy New Year and cheers to 2021!

-lady liebenthal (kidding … abby)

our goals


sara’s goal

This year I am getting SUPER specific with my golf goals. I was gifted the Arccos system a few years ago, but I really got the hang of it this year. I am taking my stats from my rounds in 2020 as a 20 handicap, and focusing on improving them to the level of a 16 handicap. For instance, this past year I scored a par on 13% of the holes I played, but this year we're gonna get it up to 24%! There are a number of categories I have targeted: GIR, fairways hit, # of putts, and more. I am actually excited to be able to track these goals this year, instead of my usual and vague "eat healthier." Let's do it 2021, we're aiming low! - sara


brooke’s goal

My golf goal for 2021 is to play a solo competitive tournmanet. I haven't played in a tournament since college and I'd really like to get my mental game back into shape and sign up.