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  • Abby Liebenthal

Fore the Ladies Finds: drills, upcoming events, snacks (!), and more

fore the ladies finds

volume 2, issue 2

"You have to be the kind of person who has a lot of passion and a lot of compassion. You have to be the kind of person who truly wants to make this a better world." -Renee Powell

Hey friends!

It was a really busy month for FTL and we’re so excited to roll out all the new things to you. We asked on IG stories what you wanted out of this newsletter and we heard you loud and clear! This month we’ll be sharing our favorite drills and some of our usual recommendations.

A few of you also asked for ways to find women in your area to tee it up with, soooo we’re going to make a directory! Sign up for the Fore the Ladies Tee Sheet, and on a regular basis we’ll share the directory with those who sign up so you can find ladies in your area to tee it up with all season. And if you host your own outing, maybe FTL will send some swag for the group! Sign up here.


The Lily | Pinehurst Resort | March 5-7

We’re about a month away until The Lily! If you haven’t heard or have been hibernating the last few weeks, we announced our first golf getaway with Pinehurst Resort (yes theeee Pinehurst Resort, home of U.S. Open championships, including where Michelle Wie won!). The package includes golf, hotel accommodations, food and beverage and some awesome add-ons (Pinehurst Brewery tasting anyone?!). We can’t wait to hang out with y’all there!

Find all the details and register here.

Fore the Ladies Intro-to-Golf Clinics: Pinehurst | Washington D.C. | Philadelphia | Atlanta

Fore the Ladies Intro-to-Golf Clinics are back! We’ll be hosting all clinics at outdoor facilities and they’ll include a little bit of instruction, plenty of bevs, tee gifts and hangs. We’ll be rolling out more of these, so keep an eye on our events page.

See you soon and be safe!


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One of my favorite instructors for drills and tips is Trillium Rose. I’m fascinated by her interest and dedication to understanding how people learn, gain and adapt skills. Impressively, she went to Columbia University and got a Master's Degree in Motor Learning and Control. She has a number of videos for indoor drills specifically, which is helpful to those of us stuck indoors until spring. - sara